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Castello di Gronumbergo (Cividale)

Standing at a strategic location, overlooking the River Natisone and guarding the main road to Cividale, the castle of Gronumbergo was built upon the remains of a Roman observation tower. A feudal holding of the Gronumbergo family since 1276, it later passed to the de’ Portis, nobility from Cividale, who held it until 1401. When the last member of the family died without a male heir, the estate was inherited by the Counts Formentini. In 1776 it was acquired by the Remondini family, originally from Bassano, who ran a celebrated printing business and held the estate for almost a century.
Despite being abandoned and negleted for more than a hundred years, the castle is still standing in its very picturesque setting on Mount Purgessimo, surrounded by lush vegetation. The most interesting remains are the moat (which has been dug in the rock) and the outside walls (externally paved with finely-cut, accurately-interconnected stones) still partially crenellated on top.