Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Castello di Trussio (Dolegna del Collio)

The castle was first mentioned in 1257 when, having been abandoned by its landlord Gisaldo di Fratta following the attacks of Mainardo of Gorizia, it was torched and rebuilt in the same year. In 1279 it became a property of the Counts of Spilimbergo, who held it until 1869. In 1364, when Friuli was invaded by Rudolph IV, Duke of Austria, it was besieged by Udine. In 1385 a group of peasants, accused of having attacked Patriarch Philippe d’Alençon, were imprisoned in its dungeons. The castle was occupied by the Hungarians in 1431, during the war between Hungary and the Republic of Venice. It was again attacked in 1511, during the war between the Republic of Venice and the Austrian Empire, and was burnt and destroyed; upon its ruins a new castle was built, which is standing to this day. Of the old castle, the two western towers and the sturdy wall remain; the other buildings are more modern. After years of neglect it has recently been restored and is now used as a public space.