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Castello di Caporiacco (Colloredo di Monte Albano)

From documents dating to 1112, 1139 and 1166, we know that during the 12th century the Counts of Caporiacco had authority over different jurisdictions, and administered civil and criminal justice. From 1219 on, in addition to controlling Caporiacco, they controlled the two jurisdictions of Tarcento, that of Invillino and half of Castelporpetto and they were involved in the disputes between the Liberi (free feudal lords) and the Ministeriali (Patriarchal officers) which followed the election of Patriarch Berthold. In 1248 the family became allies with Ezzelino III da Romano, and sided against Patriarch Gregorio di Montelongo who, seeking revenge, attacked and demolished the castle.
In 1278, after the death of Federico IV and Detalmo II, the ancient Caporiacco lineage became extinct. In 1300 Patriarch Pietro Gera granted the castle to Lodovico and Randolfino di Villalta, who then acquired the name of “di Caporiacco”. On April 19, 1310 the Count of Gorizia set the castle on fire; once again it was reconstructed only to be besieged by Patriarch Nicolas du Luxembourg in 1351; in 1419 it was occupied by the Venetians. In 1511 the castle was object of pillage on the Thursday before Lent; once again rebuilt it remained intact until the earthquake of 1976.