Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Castello di Strassoldo di sotto (Cervignano del Fr.)

The Lower Castle at Strassoldo is accessed by a characteristic 17th century postern gate, leading to a smaller circle of wall. Beyond the wall there are farm buildings and the little chapel of San Marco, probably obtained by converting a tower. Standing next to them is the ancient keep, later enlarged; its façade, opening onto the garden, is decorated in typical 18th style. The castle interior contains precious wooden and painted ceilings, dating from the late 16th century; on the ground floor there are the old kitchen and the ancient guardhouse, restored to its original Medieval appearance. Past the two fish ponds there is the large castle garden, dating from the 18th century and rich in statues and rare, centuries-old trees. The village, called “borgo nuovo” but dating from the 13th century, lies around the walls, extending all the way up to Porta Cisis (Cisis gate). Outside the castle complex there is the beautiful Medieval chapel of Santa Maria “in vineis” (Saint Mary in the vineyards); inside there are 14th centuries frescoes which are considered among the most important in Friuli.