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Castello di Cassacco

From analyses conducted on its brickwork, it is almost certain that the castle dates back to the Early Middle Ages. The first data gathered regarding the castle dates back to 1202 when a visit by Count Englhelberto of Gorizia is recorded.
In early times it was a possession of the Lords of Montegnacco; during the Medieval period it was contended for by numerous feudal noble families among which the Savorgnans who kept it for alternating periods. In 1466 Giovanni Francesco di Montegnacco acquired it (to be more precise reacquired it from the Savorgnan family). Less than 20 years later, in 1480, the castle was radically restored by Giovanni Francesco’s sons, Sebastiano and Jacopo.
Perhaps for its structure or perhaps for its position, in Medieval times the castle was not strategically very important, and was only slightly affected by the bloody battles in which the majority of fortresses in the country were involved. This allowed it to escape serious damages and to maintain unaltered its authentic castle appearance.