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Palazzo Fortificato di Domanins

This fortified palace probably dates back to the second half of the 14th century, the period in which Walterpertoldo di Spilimbergo divided his possessions among his three nephews, thus creating the lineages of Spilimbergo-Trussio, Spilimbergo-Domanins and Spilimbergo-Solimbergo. The original layout of the palace is not apparent in its present state, due to the extensive redevelopment carried out in the late 18th century. Located in an ancient village near San Giorgio della Richinvelda, this fortified palace, embellished by beautiful frescoes executed by Borsatti and Canal in 1803, shows various architectural elements which are typical of a fortified house: very thick walls, two corner towers located in the front, a very simple, unadorned portal and simple windows along all three storeys. The scholar Ferruccio Carreri defines it as a “manor house” and “fortified palace”, remembering that in times of great danger it was the custom to fortify the buildings of important noble families.