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Castello di Ravistagno (Montenars)

The Castle of Ravistagno was first mentioned in the mid 13th century, but its original German name (Ravenstein = ravens’ rock) suggests that it might date from the age of the Saxon kings (10th-11th century). Passed through the hands of many families, it became a joint property of the Counts of Prampero and three other noble families from Gemona. In 1415 the Pramperos purchased the entire estate, keeping it during the following centuries. In the 14th century the castle was already in ruins, having been damaged in 1381-1387 in the war against Patriarch Philippe d’Alençon, or possibly during the earthquake of 1348.
The  imposing castle ruins can be reached by an old lane climbing through the woods, which preserves part of its original stone kerb. Castle Ravistagno served the double function to protect Gemona and to be an observation point over the Friulian plains. To this day it offers some magnificent views.