Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Centa di Joannis (Aiello del Friuli)

Canipa della Centa di Joannis
Canipa della Centa di Joannis

 The Centa di Joannis is an interesting example of fortified architecture of medieval origin. The site, full of charm and mystery, stands on the remains of a settlement dating back to 900 A.D., as witnessed by the findings of a necropolis discovered during restoration work, which is still in progress. Later, after several centuries of abandonment, buildings were erected that were part of the ancient Centa, a fortified enclosure, probably with wooden palisades, wanted and built by the surrounding population, who took refuge there in case of attacks by local soldiers or foreign invaders. One can admire the remains of the ancient church of S. Agnese, enclosed with its cemetery by a beautiful stone wall, the small chapel of S. Lucia, and two stone and brick houses, the Casa del Curato and the Canipa, attractive examples of rural constructions from the late Middle Ages, with a balcony and porch.  Everything is set in a country garden among fruit trees, old roses and a small vegetable garden with medieval charm.