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Castelcosa (Cosa di Spilimbergo)

In von Jaksch’s “Monumenta historica ducatus Karinthiae”, Wolftrigel, Lord of Cosa, is mentioned as being part of the court of Patriarch Pellegrino of Pao. He probably belonged to the same family which was later referred to by the name of Spilimbergo.
The village is named after a watercourse which flows from Travesio. Nearby stands the 17th century encastled palace which was constructed by the Counts of Spilimbergo and later, perhaps through marriage, passed to the Counts d’Attimis Maniago. Probably erected upon the ruins of a pre-existing Medieval fortress, it sustained extensive damage during World War I. The original lay-out of the palace can be observed from photographs kept in the photographic archives of Udine Musei Civici, taken shortly after a devastating fire: the photographs depict an imposing, rectangular building enclosed by four square towers on the corners; the front of the building has a refined tympanum and an elegant double stairway.