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Castello di Flambruzzo (Rivignano)

The small bridge at the entrance to the castle complex.
The small bridge at the entrance to the castle complex.
Villa Codroipa (later re-named Villa Rota), now an estate of the Dukes Badoglio, stands on the site of a earlier castle, probably a Medieval fortress known as Castellutto. Its existence was first documented in 1258, when Corrado and Rodolfo di Savorgnano handed back to Patriarch Gregorio di Montelongo “castrum et villam inferiorem de Flambro”. At the end of the 14th century the Patriarch assigned it to Ermanno d’Orensperch; in the 15th century it came under the jurisdiction of the Counts of Gorizia and became an estate of the Lords of Codroipo, acting as an Imperial outpost in Venetian territory.
The present building, mostly dating back to the 18th century, still retains a few architectural features (such as the gatehouse and the ditch) which hark back to its original Medieval appearance. The villa is surrounded by a large English-style garden, probably created at the beginning of the last century and characterized by a large number of karst springs (in Italian, risorgive) created by the outflowing of karst ground waters.