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Castello di Zuccola (Cividale del Fr.)

The castle of Zuccola stood on a hill just north of Cividale, on the site of an Early Medieval observation tower. It was razed to the ground in 1364 by order of Patriarch Ludwig von Thurn (Ludovico della Torre), who had wanted to put a stop to the expansionistic aims of local feudal lords against neighbouring Cividale. Since the 13th century it had been an estate of the Counts of Zuccola, originally from Steiermark in Austria, vassals of the Patriarch. They had married into the Spilimbergo family and in 1293 had inherited their titles and estates: when Walterpertoldo di Spilimbergo had died without a heir, his possessions had passed to Giovanni di Zuccola, son of Countess Fiore di Spilimbergo and Count Bernardo Zuccola. Recent excavation have revealed some remains of a wall belonging to the ancient fortress.