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Castello di Tarcento

The site was home to two castles: the upper one, known as San Lorenzo, and the lower one, of Coia, of which the remains of a keep can still be seen.

The upper one probably originated from a watchtower from the Roman period, perhaps also used by the Langobards. The loco de Tercento is however mentioned for the first time in a document of 1126, a fief, at least in part, of the lords of Machland who later donated it to the bishop of Salisbugo; and from Leone son of Erzo di Grimonis de Tercento, ministerial of this curia, the fief passed to the lords of Caporiacco. Upon the death without heirs of Federico and Detalmo, in 1281 the fief was assigned to Artico of the Lords of Castello, a family that later took the surname Frangipane and to which it belonged in the following centuries.

The upper castle was definitively dismantled at the end of the 14th century, concentrating on the lower castle, which was enlarged and improved in its defences. This too, however, was abandoned following the serious damage suffered during the riots and earthquake of 1511.