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Castello di Colloredo di Monte Albano

The origins of the Castle of Colloredo di Monte Albano - located in the municipality of the same name situated north of the province of Udine - date back to the 14th century and, from the earliest times, it constituted a typical example of a "residential" castle, built out of defensive necessity at the center of the fiefdom as a stable and secure abode. Once the feudal struggles that characterized the entire course of the 16th century ceased, the owners devoted themselves to embellishing the now ancient mansion with the sumptuous elegance of the Renaissance. The decorations by Giovanni da Udine, a pupil of Raphael, for the castle's famous studiolo date from this period: interesting fragments with stucco and paintings with zoo-anthropomorphic figures are visible today.
The jewels in the castle's crown are: the recently restored Gentile Chapel and the historic Italian garden.
The manor is referred to as "the castle of writers and storytellers": Ermes di Colloredo, one of Friuli's most important poets, was born there, and Ippolito Nievo, a descendant of one of Colloredo's branches, lived there and composed most of "Confessions of an Italian" in 1858.
Before the terrible earthquake, the castle consisted of a central core, three towers and two wings.
Today the tower with the clock and the west wing, where the Colloredo del Friuli Community has its headquarters, is visible.