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Castelli di Forni di Sopra e di Sotto

The two neighbouring villages of Forni di Sopra and Forni di Sotto share a common history. The locality, which has been inhabited since Roman times, was first mentioned in 778, when Massello, Duke of Friuli on behalf of Emperor Charlemagne, donated the estate of Forni to the Abbey of Sesto al Reghena. In 967 Emperor Otto granted the fiefs and properties of Rodoald the Lombard to Rodoald, Patriarch of Aquileia - the donation included the estate of Annone, Abbot of Sesto, and the castle of Forno. The castle was mentioned again first in a 1255 and then in 1300, when the Patriarch assigned it to Francesco di Leonardo da Socchieve as his private residence. In 1326 Ettore Savorgnan purchased the two castles from Gualtiero di Nonta, thus establishing his rule over this part of the Tagliamento Valley.
Of the castle of Forni di Sopra, probably situated in Borgo Tintait, nothing remains today except a ditch encircling a nearby hill, maybe an ancient defence mould. All that has survived of the castle of Forni di Sotto, situated in Pra di Got at 907m above sea level, is the fragment of a wall, probably belonging to the main tower. Historian Tito Miotti has remarked that «documents from the 10th to the 14th century only mentioned one castle of Forni. In the absence of excavation campaigns, we have not been able to establish which one of the two castles it might be. In fact, it might even be the earlier fortress of Sacquidic.»