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Casa Fortificata di Ruttars (Dolegna del Collio)

Very little information exists about the fortified village of Ruttars, which old documents often confuse with nearby Trussio Castle. We know for certain that on 4 May 1289, Patriarch Raimund von Thurn (della Torre) sold the village and estate of Ruttars to Giovanni di Zuccola to meet the costs of the war he was waging against the Venetians, who had invaded Istria and Triest: “in Christo patriarcha dominus Raymundus [...] convocato consilio [...] vendidit, dedit et tradidit domino Joanni de Zuccola [...] villam quae dicitur Rutars cum mansis, molendinis, domibus, curis”. The castle remains consist of a curtain wall, around 200m long and enclosing the village houses, and a rectangular entrance tower, still very well preserved and furnished with a small bridge (previously used as drawbridge).