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Torre di Gramogliano (Corno di Rosazzo)

Gramogliano was first documented in 1247 during a controversy with the nearby Abbey of Rosazzo. The Counts of Gramogliano were first mentioned a few decades later, and up until the mid 14th century they were involved in frequent fights with local feudal lords, particularly with the neighbouring Counts of Manzano. Ownership of the castle passed through the hands of many families, being held also by the Counts of Gorizia. Finally in 1424 the estate became the property of Venice, who granted it to the Counts of Cucagna as their feudal holding. Guarnero di Zucco, who belonged to a branch of the same family, eventually acquired its full jurisdiction and the castle remained a possession of the Counts of Zucco and Cucagna up until the end the 19th century. Such an intricate history indicates that the castle was probably large and very well defended. In addition, it stood in a very strategic position close to Cividale. The castle ruins (a beautiful tower and a few buildings surrounded by fragments of the curtain walls) are set in the middle of beautiful farming land.