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Castello di Buttrio

The Castle of Buttrio
The Castle of Buttrio

Buttrio Castle has been known since 1139 and it can be assumed that it was already built in the 11th century, given its strategic position. From the top of the Pampinutta hill it dominates the plains and mountains, a reason for its past full of events, both auspicious and unfortunate, in a geographical area that has always been at the centre of history between northern and southern Europe.

Involved in battles, assaults, strenuous defences, destructions and reconstructions, the place on which Buttrio Castle stands was always loved for its gardens and enviable landscape and was home to numerous families: from the Lords of Buttrio, to the di Cuccagna, the de Portis, the di Varmo di Sotto, the Morpurgos, who did so much for the town and the nearby city of Udine.

Today, the castle complex is the sum of two villas and various buildings from different eras, from the 17th to the 20th century, reconstructed on previous ruins. Alessandra Felluga has initiated a renovation of it by recovering and safeguarding it, to restore lustre to a place that had been neglected for decades.

In this way, a historical dwelling regains life and new freshness, respecting history, and opens its doors to hotel guests with a dedicated welcome.

Buttrio Castle is a renowned setting for charming events in Friuli Venezia Giulia because in addition to modern comforts it offers the enchantment of the halls of the historic residence.