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Castello di Spessa di Capriva del Friuli

Spessa Castle
Spessa Castle

The current architectural structure of Spessa di Capriva Castle was designed by the Triestine architect Ruggero Berlam, who, at the beginning of the 20th century, worked on an older building, working according to the canons of neo-Gothic architecture, with the crenellated tower, made in ashlar and with the characteristic corbels and the central mullioned window surrounded by the polychrome stone arch, attached to the body of the building crowned by rich cornices

The previous building was probably erected on the remains of an ancient lookout post, perhaps already existing in Roman times and also used by the Langobards, due to the strategic position of the place. At first owned by the Rassauer nobles, it later passed to the della Torre Valsassina family, of whom Giacomo Casanova was a guest in 1773.

All that remains of the ancient structure, in the present-day castle, are a few remnants of the walls on the western side of the building, as well as the cellars of the same, which were dug into the rock and still appear as such today.