Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Castello di Susans (Majano)

Probably erected on the site of a Roman castrum, the castle of Susans was first mentioned in 1031 as “villa de Suzan”. Subjected to the jurisdiction of the Church of Aquileia, the castle was granted in 1275 to Tommaso di San Daniele. In 1304 it was enlarged and rendered more secure by the new owners Federico e Asquino di Varmo, who wished to “give it a grander and more beautiful appearance“. Involved in many wars, its ownership was eventually passed to the Counts Colloredo Mels. Destroyed and rebuilt several times, in the late 17th century it was reconstructed in a different location by Fabrizio, Count of Colloredo Mels, Marquis of Santa Sofia. The Count, who was Prior of the Order of Saint Stephen in Lunigiana and Chamberlain at the Court of Tuscany, remodelled the castle as an elegant mansion in the Tuscan fashion. This is how we see it today.