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Castello di Gemona

Inhabited since ancient times, Gemona was the seat of an arimannia (a Lombard fief) and as such was mentioned in a document dated 611. Mentioned again in 1001 by Emperor Otto III, from the 12th century onwards Gemona rapidly grew at the foot of its castle, thanks to a location which favoured trading with Austria and the North. Gemona was often attacked and became involved in numerous wars, most of them waged against the nearby city of Venzone. The castle was destroyed by an earthquake in 1511, its stones being used to build the Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall). Like the entire city, the castle (shown here in an early 20th-century photograph) was badly damaged by the recent earthquakes of 1976.
Beside the castle, Gemona boasts a large number of historical monuments and works of art, such as the Palazzo della Comunità and the magnificent Medieval Cathedral, fronted by an imposing statue of St Christopher and the beautiful “gallery of the Epiphany”.