Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Castello di Cergneu (Nimis)

In 1170 the castle, which may have been built on a former Roman defence site, was granted to the Patriarch of Aquileia by Volorico Marquis of Tuscany. The following century its jurisdiction passed to the Lords of Savorganano: the sons of Corrado, Detalmo and Pietro acquired the new feudal holding which in the 1400s included those of lower and upper Brazzà; the castle ruins still today belong to their descendants. In 1521 the castle was described as being damaged; the damage probably occurred during the war between Venice and Austria or perhaps after the disorders which erupted on the Thursday before Lent in 1511 and the earthquake which struck in that same year. Due to its rather elevated position and its reduced strategic importance the castle was eventually abandoned. The ruins, including the imposing tower, the keep and part of the curtain wall, can be reached by travelling along the castle road (with traces of the original pavement) cutting through the woods. Along the road which leads to the castle there is the chapel of Santi Pietro e Paolo (originally Santa Maria Maddalena) founded in 1323, which can be reached after crossing an enchanting bridge.