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Torre di Sbrojavacca (Chions)

What is left of the Medieval castle at Sbrojavacca is a single tower, while the rest of the building was demolished in 1820 when the castle was converted into a palatial residence by architect Francesco Maria Preti. Since the 12th-13th century the castle and its estate have been a holding of the Counts of Sbrojavacca. In 1251 the fortress was besieged by the troops of Alberigo da Romano; in 1511 it was plundered and pillaged by Leonardo di Prodolone, enemy of the Sbrojavacca family. Surrounded by a wide moat, traces of which can still be recognized, the ancient building has now completely disappeared; in addition, information on the history of the castle is almost non-existent, as the only source describing it has proved unreliable. The only surviving tower has a square plan and six floors including the ground floor; a tooth on its eastern wall indicates that the building once extended in that direction. The chapel standing on the castle grounds was radically remodelled in the 19th century.