Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Castello di Prampero (Magnano in Riviera)

The castle was probably erected to control the road between the important market towns of Tarcento and Gemona. In the mid 13th century it was granted to a noble family of German descent, who added the name of Prampero to their title and have kept the estate to this day. The castle was large and furnished with several circles of walls, gates, towers, a church and numerous ancillary buildings. Prampero Castle was often the theatre of battles and was frequently damaged and destroyed. It suffered its worst damage in 1511 when it was plundered and burnt; when it was finally restored in 1567 it lost some of its outer defences, which had by then become obsolete. Restored again before the earthquake of 1976, it was one of the best preserved examples of Medieval fortified architecture in Friuli. Subsequently and unjustly neglected, it now awaits a much-needed restoration. The chapel of Santa Margherita, standing below the castle, has been completely refurbished.