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Casa Fortificata di Belvedere di Torre (Povoletto)

In 1467 Girolamo of Partistagno decided to erect a country residence next to the Torre torrent, choosing a charming site by the eloquent name of Belvedere. The fortified house, regardless of recent restoration, still emanates the special charm of a residence conceived to delight and enchant; above all for the beautiful central window with polylobed stone arches and for the refined brickwork details of the small windows under the roof and of the entrance, overlooked by a 14th century coat of arms with the rampant lion of the Partistagno lords carved in stone. In contrast with the stately façade, the rear wall is bare with few openings; nearby there is a small annex with several arrow loops, probably a guardhouse.
The Belvedere palace is what remains of a much larger complex, which at one time included a walled enclosure, several farm buildings and the chapel where the last Count of Partistagno, Gian Giuseppe, wished to be buried at the time of his death in 1801.