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Castello di Moccò (San Dorligo della Valle)

Located in pictoresque Val Rosandra, Moccò Castle was built in a very favourable position on top of a steep hill overlooking the valley, for many centuries defending Triest along the Istria border. To reach the castle, drive past the village of San Dorligo della Valle-Dolina - the ruins are near the municipal graveyard at locality Moccò. A locality named “Mucum” was first cited in a document dated 1173; in 1192 mention was given of Nolrico, son of Rawino de Mucho, while the first available written source referring to the castle dates from 1233. Originally furnished with three different towers, the fortress was destroyed by the Capodistrians (Capodistria-Koper, now in Slovenia) and reconstructed by the Patriarch of Aquileia. Taken by the Venetians in 1287, it was returned to the Triestine in 1291, remaining in their possession up until 1370 when it was granted back to Venice. In 1511 it was destroyed by the local population, who wanted to prevent Venice from taking it again. The castle is now the object of some interesting research.