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Castello di Solimbergo (Sequals)

In 1196 Romolo, Bishop of Concordia, gave to Almerico, Count of Castelnuovo, permission to complete the castle of Sonemberg (Solimbergo), granting him the feudal holding of part of the estate. During the 13th century the castle was held by a Carinthian family who added the name of Solimbergo to their title. The estate later passed to the Counts of Flagogna and in 1384 became a feudal holding of the Counts of Spilimbergo. Although it has been neglected for centuries, the castle is still a fascinating sight. Set in a beautiful natural environment, it stands in a dominant position on top of a hill, a location which explains its original German name of Sonemberg (sunny castle). The ruins include part of the original curtain wall, made of finely-cut, accurately-interconnected stones, and the old castle tower, characterized by the extreme sturdiness of its walls (around 5ft wide).