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Castello di Mizza (Cavasso Nuovo)

All that has survived of the ancient Mizza Castle, perched on top of a rock on Jouf mountain, near the village of Fanna, are the remains of two towers, a curtain wall and a cistern. The origins of the castle are uncertain. According to some historians, it was built upon an ancient abbey that had stood on that site up until the 13th century. Others believe that the abbey was situated in the village of Fanna and therefore had nothing to do with the castle. Strategically located, controlling the area at the foot of the Alps between the Sacile plains and the River Tagliamento, for most of its history Mizza Castle was a possession of the Counts of Polcenigo. There are contrasting opinions on who were the first owners of the fortress. According to Lazzarini, the Polcenigos were granted the castle in the 13th century by the Bishop of Belluno. According to Altan, the castle was an estate of the Church of Aquileia, who passed it to the Polcenigos sometime before the 12th century.