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Castello di Mizza (Cavasso Nuovo)

View of the walled remains of Mizza Castle.
View of the walled remains of Mizza Castle.

A few remains of two towers located on the Jouf hill, above Fanna, on the top of a rise at the top of an overhang, together with some remnants of a surrounding wall and a cistern, are all that remains of the ancient castle of Mizza, about whose origin information is rather confused.

According to some scholars, in fact, it was a remake of the ancient abbey that stood on the hill before the 13th century; others maintain, on the contrary, that it stood in Fanna di sotto, thus in a location completely unrelated to that of the castle. A further disagreement concerns the relevance of the feud. In fact, from time immemorial, it belonged to the lords of Polcenigo, but while according to Lazzarini, they were given it in the 13th century by the bishop of Belluno, according to Altan it belonged to the Church of Aquileia and therefore from the patriarch it came to the Polcenigo family, even before the 13th century. The castle of Mizza could boast a position of high strategic value, as it controlled the piedmont route connecting the Sacilese plain with the Tagliamento river.