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Castello di Zegliacco (Treppo Grande)

First recorded in 1174 when mention was given of its lord Heidenrico di Zelaco, the castle was probably built upon the remains of an ancient fortification, guarding the Roman Via Augusta. By 1203 it was subjected to Variendo, Count of Zegliacco, although the first Patriarchal deed granting the castle to the Zegliacco family dates from a few decades later. In the following years the prestige of the Zegliacco family increased and they were granted a seat in the Friulian Parliament. In 1309, however, they were found guilty of cowardice and were divested of their titles, privileges and estates, while the castle was sacked and burnt on the orders of the Patriarch. In 1373 Rizzardo di Zegliacco regained ownership of the castle, being reinstated in his hereditary possessions by Count Savorgnan who had acquired the fief. At the death of Boemo di Zegliacco in 1477 the family became extinct, and the fief was purchased by Nicolò Savorgnan who sold it again to Daniele Cossio. It remained in the Cossio family for the following centuries.