Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Torre Moscarda (Paluzza)

First mentioned in 1264, probably built upon Roman remains, castrum Muscardum controlled the road to the Plockenpass (in Italian, Passo di Monte Croce in the Carnic Alps). On account of its strategic position the castle was often besieged, both during the reign of the Patriarch and the Venetian domination. Up until the 17th century Venice frequently reinforced the defenses of this fortified complex, decribed by Bartolomeo d’Alviano in 1507 and considered by Girolamo Savorgnan to be extremely important for the defence of Carnia. It was very large and included two towers on the east and west bank of the River But, and other smaller fortifications standing as far as Mount Paularo. All that has survived are fragments of walls and a 13th century tower, protected on one side by the mountain and on the other by a ditch dug directly in the rock. Recently restored, the tower is several metres high; on its walls there are arrowloops, a few small windows and a postern gate - the only access to the tower - which is several metres above the ground.