Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Palazzo Fortificato di Ariis (Rivignano)

In 1267, Gebardo of Wrusperg received the fortress as a feudal residence for himself and his brother Enrico from Patriarch Gregorio di Montelongo. In 1296 Patriarch Raimund von Thurn (Raimondo della Torre) reinforced its defences assigning it to Volrico di Ermanno Comoretto, also known as De Argis. In 1313 it was sold to the Count of Gorizia; in 1336 it passed to the Savorgnan family who kept it for centuries. The family added to and fortified its defences, so much so that in 1413 they were able to resist the siege of Siegmund of Hungary. Up until the construction of the fortress of Palmanova (1593) the castle had great strategic importance, on account of the navigability of the Stella river which flowed along its walls, a useful communication route. It later fell into decay and the palace which stands today took its place.
The side of the palace facing the Stella river is very impressive, with its sombre and linear red-brick façade and the beautiful Italian-style garden leading directly to the river banks.