Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Torre campanaria di Brazzano (Cormons)

Referred to for the first time in 1093 as a parish, this area was fortified for the purpose of controlling the area where the Judrio valley leads to the plains. The castle was mentioned in 1257 when it was demolished by Count Mainardo di Gorizia, in conflict with Patriarch Gregorio di Montelongo. In 1321 its property was passed to Vernardo di Trussio, feudal vassal of the Lords Zuccola, since the Brazzano lineage had became extinct.
Only a small part of the castle still survives: the church of San Giorgio, reconstructed after a fire in 1601, and a tower crenellated on top (now a bell tower), probably a residue of the ancient castle tower. On the external wall on the eastern side of the church, under the brick polylobed arches, just behind the gutters, a stone frieze of probable Lombard origin can be found.