Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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The Consortium gathers together the owners, possessors and holders under any title of castles and fortified structures of historical interest, as well as public bodies within the territory and organisations for the promotion of tourism in whose territory these monuments are located, in order to undertake joint action for their protection, conservation and enhancement.

The basic philosophy which inspires its work is the belief that these monuments can only be saved and passed on to future generations if the fundamental players who are able to influence choices relating to the conservation or destruction of such monuments are fully aware of their importance.

The Consortium naturally believes that protective action, in the form of restrictive measures to prevent negative behaviour by owners or authorities which have responsibilities in this area, is helpful. But it also believes that unless the players, owners and public authorities are made fully responsible, any action aimed at protection and conservation becomes impossible in the long run.

Owners and local authorities must be involved in a determined and unremitting effort aimed at maintenance, conservation and enhancement of fortified monuments, through incentives, information and assistance to encourage growing awareness of the responsibilities facing those who enjoy private or public title to such monuments.
Castles represent the greatest expression of a civilisation’s and a community’s history. They incorporate fundamental elements of a culture and of a historic tradition. These must be preserved with their authentic, cultural, architectural and environmental characteristics and must be reinserted in the cycle of modern life to be revitalized. This objective can only be pursued with the full and enthusiastic involvement of owners and competent public administrations.