Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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How to become a member




The following may become members of the consortium:


  • physical and legal persons who are owners, or possessors or holders under any title to a castle or fortified structure;
  • territorial public bodies which have a castle or fortified structure within the territory for which they are responsible;
  • organisations for the promotion of tourism which have castles or fortified structures within their territory;

Physical persons simply need complete the membership application form issued by this office, which may be printed out, completed and signed by the applicant then sent to the Consortium; requested from the Consortium and returned after having been completed and signed.

Complete the membership application form on line 

Public bodies and private institutions must send the following to the Consortium:

  • the resolution approving membership taken by the competent bodies;
  • an application form completed and signed by the legal representative (Auditor, President).


The Consortium’s Board of Directors must approve the application after having checked that the requirements for membership exist. After approval, the new Consortium member must pay the annual membership fee, using one of the following payment methods:


  • to post office account no. 12167334, Abi 07601 Cab 12300 Cin W
  • to bank account 4259904L at Friulcassa Branch no. 2, Udine, Abi 6340 Cab 12302