Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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The aims of the Consortium are to protect, conserve and enhance the architectural heritage constituted by castles and other fortified structures of historical interest.



There are various tools for achieving these aims are, but all converge towards the objective of passing on a cultural heritage of inestimable value to future generations.






The objectives are defined in article 2 of the consortium’s charter, as follows:






  • to propagate awareness of the cultural heritage represented by castles;


  • to promote knowledge of the most thorough methods and criteria for restoration and re-use;


  • to encourage access to castles;


  • to assist, advise and increase the awareness of owners in relation to conservation, maintenance and restoration work on castles, and re-use of these castles;


  • to promote concrete initiatives for enhancement;


  • to ask the relevant authorities for the approval and implementation of suitable concessionary measures to encourage conservation and recovery and to revive community interest in castles, their surrounding countryside and all the cultural treasures they contain;


  • in general, to take any action that may be useful for achieving the Consortium’s aims.





To these ends, the Consortium helps any Institution or Body that is attempting to achieve the aims of protection, recovery and enhancement of the Region’s cultural heritage.