Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Legal status

The Consortium is an Association having the legal status of physical persons and legal persons who own, possess or hold, under any title, castles and fortified structures of historical interest, or who have some form of control over such monuments because they lie within the territory in which these ‘persons’ have authority.

It is an organization with a number of unique features in the panorama of Italian cultural and conservationist associations.  It in fact sets itself a purely cultural objective that consists of protecting, preserving and enhancing one of the most significant components of the region’s architectural heritage – its castles and other fortified structures, such as towers, fortresses, abbeys, fortified houses and walled spaces - that lie within the territory of the autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

 This objective is pursued using methods and activities aimed at:

  1. promoting awareness and providing advice to people who have such monuments either directly or indirectly available to them, in order to encourage correct restoration and improvement work;
  2. providing assistance with the formalities required to achieve these ends;
  3. spreading awareness of such monuments and of the principles of restoration and revival;
  4. promoting the implementation of concrete legal, administrative and financial measures for the conservation of such monuments. 

    The characteristic feature of the Consortium is on the one hand refusal of any activity involving mere study and contemplation of the monuments, unless such activities are directly and concretely aimed at conservation and enhancement and, on the other hand, recognition of the principle that, without direct involvement of the players, any policy or initiative aimed at protecting the monuments is doomed to failure.

    The Consortium is set up as a recognized Association, having achieved the status of legal person by Decree no. 0207/Pres. of 3rd April 1979, issued by the President of the Regional Council. The Region granted this status on the strength of its authority relating to cultural institutions. The Consortium is therefore a non-profit making organisation, governed by articles 12-35 of the Civil Code.