Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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The best way of using and therefore conserving a castle is to choose it as your home. Provided the project does not involve restructuring, with sub-division of internal spaces which would greatly disrupt the structure and characteristics of the monument, this is the best way to revitalise a building complex that has always been host not only to military, administrative and productive functions, but has also performed residential functions relating to the feudal Lord and his family, his men at arms and service staff with their families.

Living in a castle is always a fascinating and captivating experience, with not only the inconvenience of large spaces arranged quite differently from those in a modern house, but also the pleasure of living in a complex where history has never stopped, which has seen a succession of generations and events in life, both positive and negative, that have marked important moments in the history of an area and of a community.

If you decide to live in a castle, then you must accept it for what it is. It will obviously be necessary to install the technological equipment needed for modern living (water, heating, telephone and security systems), but all this must be done with great respect for the ancient walls and structures, which must be treated with care and attention, knowing that they represent important values and bear the marks of the work, lives and experiences of all the men and women who have lived, worked, loved and suffered within them and who, above all, by their determination and activities, have created an architectural complex that must be passed on intact to future generations.

Buying a castle or returning to live in it is highly desirable, provided its characteristics are fully respected, without straining them and adapting them to requirements not aimed at their conservation and passing them on to the future.