Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Help and advisory services to castle owners

The Consortium guarantees its members a set of assistance services that can be described as follows:


Financial assistance

Advice and assistance on the submission of applications for grants or other facilities provided for by state and regional legislation; information on deadlines, how to submit applications and how to draw up reports.


Technical Assistance

Advice and assistance in drawing up maintenance and restoration projects and in solving the delicate problems of working on buildings as old and diverse as castles; information on technical expertise regarding architectural, structural, landscape and cadastral aspects; information on construction companies and artisans experienced in working on ancient buildings.


Legal Assistance

Advice and guidance on legal aspects of protection and conservation, such as town planning and monumental restrictions, inheritance regimes and others.


Tax assistance

Advice on obtaining tax benefits regarding direct and indirect taxes, tax returns and other aspects concerning cultural heritage. To this end, the Consortium has entered into a cooperation agreement with the office of Dr. Roberto Lunelli (national vice-president and regional president of the National Association of Italian Tax Advisors).


Administrative Assistance

Advice and indications regarding the completion of administrative procedures concerning the conservation and, above all, the use of castles for economic development purposes: accommodation, usability, etc.


Historical-artistic assistance

Collaboration, research and studies aimed at drawing up restoration projects or developing information and promotional materials.


Communication assistance

Graphic and editorial collaboration for the development of promotional materials for the enhancement of individual castles.


Assistance materials may be requested or contacted through the Consortium offices.