Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Managing conferences

Of the initiatives that might be suggested to people who wish to use the castle not only as a residence, but also for financial gain, especially in order to obtain the funds needed for its maintenance, organising and hosting conferences, seminars and meetings is probably the most suitable, for a number of fundamental reasons.

First of all, these are activities that have always taken place in the castle. Over the centuries, its halls have been used for diplomatic and war meetings, for drawing up agreements, negotiating alliances, signing treaties and accommodating sovereigns, for legal sittings and consultations between members of the Friuli Parliament, for concerts, theatrical shows, performances by troubadours and other public or private functions of various sorts. It should also be considered that conference activities do not require any conversion of rooms or any structural alterations, since only a minimum amount of technological equipment is needed. Finally, it must be emphasized that castles offer a fascinating environment, full of cultural attractions. These characteristics make them particularly interesting and suitable for hosting high level conferences and meetings attended by participants of medium-high culture.

The activity can be run directly by the owner who, in this case, must set up his own structure for the promotion and organisation of conferences, or can be managed by specialist organisations which will make all the necessary arrangements, simply making use of rented rooms in the castle.

In the case of indirect management, the owner should communicate his own space capacity to the main conference organisation Agencies and to the Public Relations Departments of the main local businesses and public institutions.

In order to set up and manage this activity, regulations issued by the Region and the State and the instructions provided by corresponding trade associations and by the Consortium must be followed.

For the Consortium’s promotional activities and a few examples of activities, please see the volume Sale nei castelli (Conference facilities in castles) published by the Consortium as part of its “Itinerari castellani” (Castle itineraries) Series.