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Gorizia, Palazzo Lantieri

View of the 14th-century tower known as the East Gate
View of the 14th-century tower known as the East Gate

"Una possession con casa e pertinentie posta nel territorio de Goritia sotto i suoi debiti confini, la quale alias la felice memoria de lo Leonardo Conte de Goritia donò... "these are the words that can be read in the purchase contract signed on 21 October 1505 with which Antonio Lantieri of Paratico took possession of the fortified house that had been the south-eastern entrance to the city of Gorizia since the 13th century.


                         Thus began the history of Palazzo Lantieri, intimately linked to the millenary historical and cultural events of Gorizia, its County and the whole of Mitteleuropa, as five centuries of history developed and intertwined them.

                     The House is a treasure chest of precious artistic testimonies and a wealth of fascinating memories, which at times become so distant and intangible that they have become legends. A visit to the palace allows you to discover the harmony and beauty that made it famous as the 'Schoenhaus', or 'House of Beauty', and that made it beloved by famous guests of yesteryear such as the French Royalty, Pope Pius VI, the Archduchess of Austria Maria Theresia, Goldoni, Casanova, Lorenzo da Ponte....

Set in this precious setting, important works of contemporary art express the feelings of artists who have been inspired by the Palazzo: the treasures of the past are now joined by installations by the best of the international artistic avant-garde, works by artists such as Jannis Kounellis, Mario Merz, Jan Fabre, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Domenico Bianchi and Günter Förg.

Today, Palazzo Lantieri hosts prestigious events, contemporary art exhibitions, concerts, conferences, gala dinners, with the possibility of using both the large Reception Hall and the adjoining Trophies Hall, as well as the Pope's Room, the Dining Room, the Library, some lounges. And also the suggestive Sala della cabala, the precious Sala degli affreschi, the family Chapel, the large Italian garden enriched by Persian influences. Prestigious and evocative receptions and parties find a dimension of great elegance in the setting of the Palazzo, and often, in fine weather, they "open" into the garden, sharing its serenity and timeless atmosphere.

    And for those who wish to experience for themselves the poetry of living in a historic residence, there are also the charming guest rooms where one can find the joyful welcome of the noble house and a piece of its great soul....

Palazzo Lantieri

Piazza S. Antonio, 6
34170 Gorizia (GO)
Telefono e fax: 0039.0481.533284