Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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At the foot of the hill there is an ancient mill and the remains of two Medieval castles.
In the village centre you can sip a glass of wine in a quaint bar or savour something more substantial at La Casa Bianca restaurant. Just a few kilometres before Attimis in the village of Racchiuso you can enjoy traditional Friulian dishes offered at La Baita restaurant. Hotel accommodation is available at Nimis and at the Montecroce pass.
Attimis can be reached by coach services provided in nearby towns.
The reception hall (10x5.5x3.5m) is placed on the first storey of the ancient feudal mill. The only access to the fascinating hall is up a steep antique staircase. Since this is a mill dating back to Medieval times the hall is permeated with a rustic character. No pains were spared in the recent restoration of the hall: the chromatic contrast between the intense, dark colour of the wood flooring and beamed ceiling, and the candid whitewash of the walls is striking. The carefully appointed antique furniture and the curious niches in the walls for candles add to the warm atmosphere.
The well-heated hall seats 50 people with an overall maximum capacity of 70 people. Lighting in the room is adjustable. On the first storey there are modern, heated bathrooms. Available year-round.
On the first storey there is another room (6x4x2.5m) which can seat 10 people with an overall maximum capacity of 20, and a small adjoining room; both rooms are full of intimate charm, warmed by an antique, wood-burning fireplace.

Mill of the castle

Via Molinars, 240
33040 Attimis (UD)