Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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How to organize a castle visit

The degree to which castles are ‘visitable’ varies, depending on their state of conservation and on the use to which they have been adapted.Many castles in the foothills and mountains of Friuli are in ruins. In most cases they can be visited after an uphill walk of about ten minutes or so, along picturesque medieval trails through the woods.

Other castles are in a good state of repair but are used as a residence or as the local Town Hall or for other activities which are not easily compatible with public visits. These can be visited externally or, in some cases, also internally for pre-booked, organised groups.

Yet other castles are used for activities which in themselves allow or require the presence of the public. These are castles adapted for use as a local museum, or parts of which accommodate museums, restaurants, wineries or conference rooms. Most of these can be visited, also by private individuals.

In order to encourage castle visits, the Consortium each year prepares specific programmes for visits to castles which are lived in, castles in ruins and castles adapted for public activities. These programmes include "Exclusive visits", Educational visits, Visits to abandoned castles, Visits to open castles and Individual visits.

To arrange a visit, please contact the following organisation for advice:
Consortium for the Protection of the Historical Castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia – Visits Service

Secretary’s Office
Torre di Porta Aquileia, Piazzetta del Pozzo 21
33100 UDINE
Tel. 0432/288588

Tourist Office for "Exclusive visits" to private castles (individual visits and tours)
Castello di Strassoldo di Sopra
Via dei Castelli
Tel. 0431/93217
Fax. 043193229

The Consortium will be able to provide you with documentation on itineraries and opening times and prices for entry to individual monuments.