Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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 Between tradition and culture

The work of a winemaker is time and seasons. Time for the evolutionary cycle of the vineyard, the ripening of the fruit, the slow evolution of the wine. The seasons of nature, to be respected and followed. Alessandra Felluga combines them in her wines so that they spontaneously narrate a territory, the vocated energy of the Buttrio hills, DOC Friuli Colli Orientali.

Viticultural tradition

With the purchase of the land in the Buttrio Castle area, a work of careful recovery began. From the vineyards to the land, from the castle to the cottages, everything required support. Clod after clod, stone after stone, the project took shape. And from the 25 hectares, 13 of which were vineyards, the initial nucleus expanded.

Fifth-generation winemaker Alessandra Felluga was immediately at her father Marco's side when he bought the Buttrio property in 1994. It seemed a gamble: to aim, in the Friuli of white wines, to produce excellent reds. Sharing her father's idea, Alessandra understood the intrinsic potential of the Buttrio territory and took over its management in 2007. Today that far-sightedness can be seen in the results achieved by the 26 hectares under vine.

Buttrio Castle today: winery, charming hotel, inn.

The beauty of the landscape, the fertility of the restored vineyards, the tenacity of the historic vineyards, the peace absorbed in every fibre with the passing of the seasons, the history breathed in the castle complex as well as in the surrounding countryside, clearly lived in for centuries, are a precious treasure chest. Splendid to be experienced by those who know how to appreciate it. Hence the idea of sharing the world of wine with tastings in the cellar, lunches and dinners in the inn and stays in the setting of the historic residence transformed into a charming hotel, also perfect as a location for weddings and events.

Società Agricola Castello di Buttrio

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