Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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 In this section there are a series of itineraries ordered according to three different and distinct geographical areas of our region:

-the castles of the sea and water

-the castles of western and northern Friuli

-the castles of hilly Friuli

Each of the three zones provides for the formation of seven different itineraries.

The tourist is thus invited to acquire the basic elements capable of stimulating his or her curiosity. The difficulty of adopting homogeneous parameters of a historical, architectural or artistic nature, according to which to define an ordered system of itineraries, has been solved by the choice of a route that intends to privilege above all the tourist-landscape aspect.

The monument, the destination of the journey, becomes the opportunity for a better knowledge of a territory with its peculiarities. The panoramic places to be visited, the travel time and the stop-off times have been examined from the point of view of optimising the time dedicated to the visit.