Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Be welcome to my castle

Up the ancient stairs of fascinating medieval castles, with the castellan himself, heir to a millenary heritage, acting as cicerone, offering an aperitif and then sitting down with visitors at lunchtime, pleasantly recounting anecdotes or legends about his ancestors.

The first of its kind in Italy, this original initiative is aimed at groups of at least 20 visitors, who wish to discover the hidden treasures of this splendid region, located a stone's throw from Venice, lapped by the Adriatic Sea and bordering Austria and Slovenia, but still little travelled by large tourist flows. The programmes are "tailor-made" according to the needs of the groups and also include overnight stays, lunches and dinners in castles or typical venues, and visits to other local realities, such as renowned wine cellars and ham factories, historical sites and artisan workshops.

Some of the Region's most beautiful castles take part in the programme, revealing their secrets for the occasion, opening their magnificent gardens and halls, often rich in art collections and memories of bygone days.

Castles that open for exclusive visits:


Arcano (Rive d'Arcano, UD)

Cordovado (Cordovado, PN)

Flambruzzo (Rivignano-Teor, UD)

Rocca Bernarda (Ipplis di Premariacco, UD)

San Floriano del Collio (San Floriano del Collio, GO)

Spessa (Spessa di Capriva, GO)

Susans (Majano, UD)

Villalta (Fagagna, UD)

Casaforte La Brunelde (Fagagna, UD)

Palazzo Lantieri (Gorizia, GO)

Palazzo Romano (Case di Manzano, UD)

Palazzo Steffaneo-Roncato (Crauglio, UD)

Palazzo Panigai-Ovio (Pravisdomini, PN)


Admission: 7.00€ adults, 3.50€ children from (7 to 12 years). To be added the cost of the guide (for information on costs please contact the Consortium Secretariat)

For further information please consult the individual castles on the website and contact

Consorzio Castelli Secretariat

Piazzetta del Pozzo n.21


33100 Udine - Italy


Tel. 0432-288588 - Cell. 328-6693865



Monday to Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.