Consortium for the protection of the historical castles of Friuli Venezia Giulia
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The quarterly Newsletter “Castelli”


The activities of the Consortium are illustrated quarterly in the Newsletter “Castelli”, a magazine which, since 1978, has been following the life of the Organisation, providing up-to-date information on its activities and, more generally, on the problems of protection, conservation and enhancement of fortified architecture in the Region.

The magazine was founded in 1978, in the wake of the strong commitment triggered by the 1976 earthquake disaster, which aroused such strong emotions in all the people of Friuli, even those who were at a safe distance from the epicentre, and which released great energy to achieve objectives for fast reconstruction of the region’s heritage - first housing and production facilities, then cultural.

Every three months, the Consortium reaches the homes and offices of its members to provide them with information on its activities and on restoration and enhancement initiatives, distributing legislative and technical documents and giving hints and advice for restoration and enhancement work. Also, every three months, the offices of the Region, the Superintendency of the Ministry of Culture, the Provinces and the Professional Associations, as well as a wider public of enthusiasts, interested persons, scholars and professionals, are simultaneously informed of problems relating to the conservation of castles and of the Consortium’s activities.

The Newsletter comprises a number of fixed items, relating to the list of publications included on page 8, a description of the nature and objectives of the Consortium in the Friulano and English languages on page 11, telephone numbers, postal and e-mail addresses, opening times of the headquarters and list of personnel on page 12, as well as a number of fixed features, such as:

  • Editorial
  • Answers from the Experts
  • News in brief/Promotion
  • News in brief/Restoration
  • News in brief/Enhancement

In addition, the Newsletter always includes the Insert “Documents”, which contains legislative texts, documents on restoration, tracts on fortified architecture.

The rest of the Newsletter is devoted to news about the Consortium’s activities and initiatives and about significant events relating to the protection of fortified architecture and, more generally, of cultural treasures.

The Newsletter is sent by post, free of charge to Consortium members and important Offices and Bodies, and by subscription to interested persons. The subscription cost is 10 Euro.