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Palazzo Fortificato Lantieri (Gorizia)

Palazzo Lantieri - formerly known as Schonhaus - was the guest-house of the Counts of Gorizia. Standing near the eastern city gate, it included a guardshouse and an entrance tower with a drawbridge. At the death of Leonardo, last Count of Gorizia, it passed to his personal surgeon, Antonio Puteo, who in 1505 sold the palace with its annexes to Antonio Lantieri. Over the centuries, the Lantieris enlarged and embellished the palace, employing well-known painters and decorators.
Even if the palace has been completely redeveloped, the gatehouse nestled between two 16th century wings has maintained most of its original appearance. Beside the entrance tower there are remains of the city walls, which are 5m high and 200m long. The terreplein inside the walls is now being used as a garden. Outside the walls there are traces of the original moat, which is now almost entirely filled up. The palace was seriously damaged during World War I, but its interior retains important historical exhibits and works of art.